The Association

We are driven by a passion for sport and guided by the nature that surrounds us.

If you have taken part in any of our initiatives, you know very well what we are talking about. We put our heart into everything we offer and we love sharing our adventures.

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How did it all start?

The Amateur Sports Association Water Experience is first of all a project, a project that was born in Mazara del Vallo in 2017 during a winter afternoon with zero wind, armed windsurfers and a great desire to enter the water. That afternoon we were on the Lungomare di Tonnarella and we came up with the idea of sharing our desire to play sports in contact with the sea and with nature, shortly thereafter we started throwing down ideas for the name, it won: Water Experience.
In 2018 we started the first sup race in Mazara del Vallo and from that moment it has been a succession of events.
In 2019 the project begins to expand and reaches the coasts of Palermo with numerous sup excursions and with the desire to play sports that has always distinguished us.
In the meantime we got overwhelmed by the Stand Up Paddle hurricane, and we started our journey in the world of sup race, our small competitive team immediately started to give us results, becoming a point of reference in Italy and also establishing ourselves in Europe, in 2021 the Mondello Sup Festival comes to life, an event that aims to become an iconic race and which has been very successful since its first edition. 

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The Stand Up Paddle competitive team

Since 2019 our Association has begun to take part more and more often in major competitions in Italy and from time to time also abroad.
Among the various successes achieved by the whole team, the victory as a team at the 2021-2022 Italian Winter Championship should be mentioned. And among some placings obtained over the years: Casano Silvia, 2nd classified Cat. Senior - Italian Championship of the 2020 Category, Prophet Sofia Maria, 2nd classified Cat. U12 - Italian Championship of the 2021 Category, Torres Paola Maria, 3rd classified Cat. U14 - Italian Category Championship 2021, Lannino Tommaso Bruno, 1st classified Cat. U18 - Italian Winter Championship 2021-2022, Michelucci Vincenzo Paolo, 1st
  classified  Cat. SENIOR - Italian Winter Championship 2021-2022, Gallo Francesco, 3rd  classified  Cat. SENIOR - Italian Winter Championship 2021-2022, and Puma Francesco Paolo, 3rd  classified  Cat. U14 - Italian Winter Championship  2021-2022. We could keep writing the results that our small team continues to bring home but a website would not be enough.
For this reason, we invite you to get to know us and consult all the updates on the various races in which we participate!

Water Experience is an Amateur Sports Association, we carry out hiking activities, equipment rental, lessons, trainings, and so on, but first of all we are a big family, we share passions and we constantly strive to spread them.
A desire for adventure, love for nature and a constant search for adrenaline are some of the things that unite those who are part of the Water Experience.
If you believe that all this reflects you, what are you waiting for?